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A handy portable water dispenser when you and your pet are on the moves! You can transport the bottle due to the lightweight material and suitable size, designed to allows you to go out for a walk or camping with your pet without worrying about eating and drinking.


Sopo Portable Water Dispenser is made of high-quality PC material, not easy to deform and break. It comes with activated carbon filter,  it gives your little one healthy & fresh water anytime, anywhere.


You just need to push the button, fresh water will flow out. The sealing ring and lock key design can ensure the pet water bottle 100% doesn’t leak. Push the button to lock then it can fit into your backpack without worrying about water leakage. 


With Sopo Portable Water Dispenser, you no longer need to feed your pets with your hands or other random containers.

SopoPortable Water Dispenser

  • Activated carbon water filter, can be used up to 100times/ 36000ml of water
  • Material: ABS food grade pastic
  • Lock key to prevent leakage
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